In Polevskoy one can see the “Formula of Development” in marble

“Formula of development” 2018,The Marble Mile Festival, marble, 400 x160 x 100 cm. Poleskoi, Ural, Russia.

According to the idea of ​​its artist, Tanya Preminger, this composition captures the image of the world being born – as from lifeless matter, the germ of life appears, the image of the eternal renewal of the world.

The Sculpture, which symbolizing the image of the born world, appeared on the alley in front of the park in the northern part.

Tanya Preminger arrived in Polevskoy this summer as part of the Marble Mile art project at the invitation of the Yekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art and the NGO Idea Foundation. Tanya is known in many countries of the world: she participates in many international projects. She has been working with stone for over 40 years. Polevskoy marble master notes among the best materials due to its beauty and environmental friendliness. Material for the work provided the company “Ural marble.”

In Polevskoy one can see the “Formula of Development” in marbletanyawm