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November 2011

Environmental art - "Winter Fruits"
Livigno, Italy. Snow, 300 x 700 x 600 cm.

August 2011

"Eyes of the Ocean". Sea Art Festival. Busan, Korea
The sea is a live entity, with ability to feel and connect to the human spirit



"Dissolution in Nature". Art-Nature simposium. Vladikavkaz, Russia
Manekens, iron, epoxy, variable sizes.

June 2010

"Motherland" - Winner of Art Competition "Nashe Otechestvo".
Exhibition of winners in "Manej" exhibition hall, Moscow, Russia.

Earth, Synthetic grass, Foam. 45 x 550 x 440 cm

June 2010

"Air Loop", 2010.
750 x 1300 x 200 cm
3rd Bagasbas Beach International Eco Arts Festival, The Philipines.
Sculpture Artist Tanya Preminger Ritual Cut

August 2009

Sculpture Artist Tanya Preminger Ritual Cut
Project "Ritual Cut".
Earth, grass
4.5 X 60 X 75 meters

Tanya Created the project "Ritual Cut" for the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum, Latvia.

Tanya Preminger at work, the Pedvale Museum site

More about the work process.
Sculpture Artist Tanya Preminger Ritual Cut

July 2009

Participated in the Environmental Art festival "Horizons Renconter Arts Nature" in Massif du Sancy, France.
About the festival and the artists who participated.

Back Flip Bridge
"Back Flip Bridge". Wood. 550 X 1850 X 80 cm.

Tanya Preminger - Stone Sculptor - about

Tanya Preminger is a stone sculptor born in the Soviet Union. From 1972 lives, works and teaches in Israel. MA in Art, Surikov Academy of Arts, Moscow. She works in various art media: stone sculpture, landscape art, installation and photography and displayed more than 22 solo exhibitions. Participated in over 75 sculpture symposiums all over the world. Over 50 of her sculptures are installed in Israel and overseas. Won 7 awards in International sculpture competitions.

In recent years she explores Art Nature and all its derivatives- Landscape art, Environmental art, and site-specific work.
Tanya participates regularly in International stone sculpture symposiums and competitions in Europe, the Americas and the Far-East.

Artists statement: "My purpose is to express the immaterial essence of things in physical stuff: to make tangible the universal essence of the creation".

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