Resume (C.V.)


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Arsuf Kedem 46920, Israel
Tel/fax 972-99583102
Mobil 972-544459949


Born in the Soviet Union, M.A. from Surikov Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia.
Since 1972 lives and teaches in Israel. Works in various media: sculpture, landscape art, installation, photography.


1963-68 MA from Surikov Academy of Arts, Moscow.


2019 “Excellent Award” The 3 “Spoonbill Cup” Public Art Exhibition, China
2018 “Honorable mention” Prize, Arshaan Cup International Ice Sculpture Prize. China.
2016 Encouragement Prize, Ministry of Culture. Israel
2014 Third prize, Sculpture Snow Competition “SculpOLIMP” ,Moscow, Russia.
2013 First Prize, 2nd International Sculpture Symposium of Mercosul, Bento Gon’alves, Brasil.
2012 “Honorable mention”, It’s LIQUID International Contest, Italy.
2011 Third prize, Chinese First International Public Sculpture Contest.
2011 Special Selection Award, International Competition for Sea Art Festival Busan, Korea.
2011 First Prize, Stone Sculpture Competition”Forma viva”, Slovenia.
2010 Finalist of the International sculpture competition of the Tsinghua University.China.
2010 Winner of Competition “Nashe Otechestvo”, Moscow, Russia.
2010 Third Prize International Snow Sculpture Competition, Valloire, France.
2007 Second Prize, International Sculpture Competition, “La Piera Musa Agreste”, Italy.
2003 First place, Competition for Sculpture work “Mifal Hapais” Israel.
2000 Sculptors Award. International Stone Sculpture Competition. San-Cheong, Korea.
1999 First prize, International Stone Sculpture Competition “Nantopietra”. Nanto, Italy.
1998 “Con Salud” Prize, International Biennale Stone Sculpture Competition.Argentina.
1997 First prize, International Stone Sculpture Competition. Fanano, Italy.
1996 Third Prize, International Stone Sculpture Competition. Caorle, Italy.
1995 Outstanding Prize, International Stone Sculpture Competition. Hualien, Taiwan.


2013 Grant of “Artist” for Setuchi Trienale, Japan.
2009 Artist Residence grant, Pedvale Open Air Art Museum, Latvia.
2002 Artist-in-residence grant. Houston University, Texas, USA.
1991 Artist-in-residence grant. B.E.M.I.S., Omaha, USA.


2020 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Kiryat Arba, Hevron, Israel.
2020 International Stone Sculpture symposium, Ganei Tikva, Israel.
2020 Galkot International Sculpture symposium, Baglung, Nepal.
2019 Festival “Marble Mile”, Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia.
2019 Sancy, White Art, Snow Sculpture Symposium, France.
2018 Arshaan Cup International Ice Sculpture Prize. China
2018 International Sculpture Symposium “Xuan Zang Road”, Tongchuan, China.
2018 First Festival “Marble Mile”, Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia.
2018 “Water”, Ekoart Festival, Stodola Gallery, Szumilowo, Poland.
2018 FAD, El Primero Symposio Internacional de Esculturea,University of Mendoza.Argentina.
2018 International Stone Sculpture Symposium Ma’alot-Tarshiha, Israel.
2017 Stone Symposium, Beit Beit Aryeh, Israel.
2017 International Stone Symposium, Modi’in, Israel.
2017 International Sculpture Symposium in Travernin, Caransebes, Romania.
2017 “Natural Connections”, Land Art Symposium,Forest Museum, Kibbutz Forest. Israel.
2017 International Land Art Residency, Narrative Movements Komdhara,Hooghly, India.
2017 3.International Bisanthe Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey.
2016 3er Symposio Internacional de Escultura, Santiago, Chile.
2016 Kanev International granite Symposium. Ukraina.
2016 International Sculpture symposium.“Sculptors in the impenetrable”,Casteli, Argentina
2016 “Bienal del Chico” .Resistencia. Argentina
2016 International Stone Sculpture symposium.Scolpire in Piazza, Paratico,Italy.
2016 Stone Sculpture Symposium Beit Aryeh, Israel.
2016 International Stone Sculpture symposium, Ma’alot-Tarshiha. Israel.
2016 Unity International Sculpture Symposium,Taltalaiya, Itahari, Nepal.
2015 International Landscape Wood Symposium, Konakovo, Russia.
2015 International Ecocreation Forum “Point of Return” Baikal, Russia.
2015 LandArt Festival, Irkutsk, Russia.
2015 Internationales Keramiksymposium, Römhild, Thüringen, Germany.
2015 Sculpture Snow Competition, Valloire, France.
2015 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Beit Aryeh, Israel.
2015 Sculpture Symposium “Stone in the Galilee”, Ma’alot-Tarshiha, Israel
2015 Sculptures sur neige, Valloire Galibier, France
2014 Sculpture Snow Competition “SculpOLIMP”, Moscow, Russia.
2013 Alania International Sculpture Symposium, Alania, Turkie.
2013 Duppini Art-Nature symposium, Gabrovtsi, Bulgaria.
2013 Straw Sculpture Festival, Iskenderum, Turkey.
2013 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Hulda, Israel.
2013 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Beit-Aryeh, Israel.
2013 Open snow competition, “Sculp-OLIMP” ,Moscow, Rissia.
2013 Setouchi Triennale, Sakaide, Japan.
2013 2nd International Sculpture Symposium of Mercosul,Bento Gon’alves,Brasil.
2012 International Sculpture Symposium for Marble, Cavaion Veronese, Italy.
2012 International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Steinwenden.Germany.
2012 International Marble Sculpture Symposium, Kartal, Turkey.
2012 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Beit Aryeh, Israel.
2012 “Kanu Nayak” International Symposium of Sculpture, Mumbai, India.
2011 “Art in Ice”,Snow International Competition, Livigno, Italy.
2011 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Neve Ilan, Israel.
2011 Sea Art Festival,Busan,Korea.
2011 “Land Art” Symposium, Vladikavkaz, Russia.
2011 Moritzburg International Sculpture Symposium, Germany.
2011 Scolpire in Piazza, stone symposium, Italy.
2011 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Rehovot, Israel.
2011 Stone Sculpture Symposium “Forma viva” Makole, Slovenia.
2011 Stone Sculpture Symposium “Game”, Maalei Adumim, Israel.
2010 Stone Festival “Music”, Petah-Tikva, Israel.
2010 Bienal Internacional de Escultura 2010, Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina .
2010 3rd Bagasbas Beach International Eco Arts Festival, The Philipines.
2010 Stone International Sculpture Symposium, Ma’alot, Israel.
2010 International Snow Sculpture Competition, Valloire, France.
2009 International project “Memories from the Past”, Pedvale Open Air Museum, Pedvale, Latvia.
2009 Camp of International Sculpture, Phu Tho province, Vietnam.
2009 Stone International Sculpture Symposium, Modi’in, Israel.
2009 “Horizons Rencontre Arts Nature”, Massif du Sancy ,France.
2009 Women International Sculpture Symposium, Cipolletti, Argentina.
2008 “Art in Ice”, Snow International Competition, Livigno, Italy.
2008 “International Stone Sculpture Symposium”, Vladikavkaz, Russia.
2008 “Chemin d’Art” Art Festival, Saint-Flour, France.
2008 Ma’alot Sculpture Symposium, Ma’alot, Israel.
2008 International “Sart” Stone Sculpture Symposium, Salihli, Turkey.
2008 International Sculpture Symposium “Stone and Water”, Izmir, Turkey.
2007 International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Mersin, Turkey.
2007 Stone Sculpture Festival, Petah-Tikva.
2007 International Sculpture Happening, Natanya, Israel.
2007 International Land – Art Symposium, Austria.
2007 International Clay Symposium “Terra”, Kikinda, Serbia.
2007 International Monumental Sculpture Symposium, Amneville, France.
2007 Basalt meeting, Petah Tikva, Israel.
2006 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Ramle, Israel.
2006 Land-Art International Sculpture Symposium, Austria.
2006 International Sculpture Symposium, “The Refugees”, Nikaia Greece.
2006 International sculpture Symposium, Balunky, Slovakia.
2006 Biennale Internationale for Wood Sculpture, Condrieu, France
2006 Sculpture symposium, Hakfar-Hayarok, Israel.
2005 International sculpture Symposium, Hualien, Taiwan.
2005 “Peace” stone sculpture Symposium, Yigal Alon Museum, Israel.
2004 International sculpture Symposium, Lulea, Sweden.
2004 International stone sculpture Symposium, Egirdir, Turkey.
2004 International stone sculpture Symposium, Horicke, Chek Republic.
2004 “Born to be Free”, stone sculpture Symposium, Admit, Israel.
2003 Khojworkshop, Banglaore, India.
2003 Fuzhow International Sculpture Exhibition/Symposium, China.
2003 “Lapidea”, basalt symposium, Germany.
2003 International Woodsculpting Symposium, Kemijarvi, Finland.
2003 Stone symposium, Dimona, Israel.
2002 Sculpture symposium, Ashdod, Israel.
2002 OTISS. Vernon, Canada.
2001 Marble Symposium, Brusque, Brazil.
2001 Granite symposium, Ichon, Korea.
2001 Basalt symposium Tel-Chai, Israel.
2001 Wood symposium, Sagadi, Estonia.
2001 Stone symposium, Um-El-Fahem, Israel.
2001 “Womam”, Stone symposium. Hulon, Israel.
2000 Stone symposium. Rechovot, Israel.
2000 Granite Symposium, O-Grove, Spain.
2000 Stone sculpture Symposium, Natanya, Israel.
2000 San Cheong International Symposium, Korea.
2000 International stone Symposium, Iguerande, France.
1999 “Escultura 2000, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1999 Nichiharima sculpture Symposium, Japan.
1999 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Rehovot, Israel.
1999 Symposium “Kercal”, Belgium.
1999 “Vent des Forets” Symposium, France.
1999 “Nantopietra” Intrnational Sculpture Symposium, Italy.
1998 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Shoham, Israel.
1998 Stone International Sculpture Symposium, Anatalya, Turkey.
1998 Bienale International Stone Competition, Argentina.
1998 Muritz- National Park Symposium, Germany.
1998 Hude Wood Symposium, Germany.
1997 Experimental sculpture symposium Hollufgaard, Denmark.
1997 Obernkirchen international Symposium, Germany.
1997 “The Mediterranean Stone Symposium”, Ashkelon.
1997 “International Stone Symposium Fanano”, Italy.
1996 “Connections” Iron Symposium, Ein-Shemer. Israel.
1996 International Symposium “Scogliera Viva”, Caorle, Italy.
1996 Stone Symposium in Hazor Haglilit, Israel.
1995 Xualien International Symposium, Taiwan.
1995 Krastel-Klagenfurt International Symposium, Austria.
1994 International Stone Symposium, Ashdod. israel.
1994 “Man and stone” Rishon lezion, Israel.
1992 “The Days of Sculpture”, Merom Golan.Israel.
1992 “Stone Outdoor Sculpture”, Jerusalem. Israel.
1992 Symposium in Ben Shemen Forest, Israel.
1992 “International Sculpture Symposium”, Ma’alot, Israel.
1990 “Mediterranean Sea Festival”, Ashdod. Israel.
1989 “Stone Symposium”, Eshtaol. Israel.
1989 “Light-Wind-Sand-Sea”,Ashdod, Israel.
1989 “The Basalt International Symposium”,Katzrin, Israel.


2017 “Touch up to the globe” Installation and Performance by Tanya Preminger and Dina Blich. Museum Ramat Gan. Israel.
2017 “Pillars” Installation and Performance by Tanya Preminger and Dina Blich, City Gallery,Rishon,Israel.
2017 “The Battle of Gog and Magog”, Window Installation of Tova Osman Gallery, Israel.
2011 “Terra”, Basis Gallery, Neurim, Israel.
2010 “Open Gallery” ,Park Shikma, Rishon lezion, Israel.
2007 “Ma She Esh” Arts Center, Petah-Tikva, Israel
2007 “The Kitchen”, Exhibition Hall of POGGENPOHL Herzlyia, Israel.
2006 ‘Woman-Mother-Earth” Meirov Art-Center ,Hulon Israel.
2006 “Tanya Preminger”. Evner Hall, Veizman Institute ,Rehovot, Israel.
2006 “Will be Big”, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2005 “Grey Time”, Basis Gallery, Neurim. Israel.
2004 Open-Air Museum, Omer, Israel.
2003 “Small Works”, Basis Gallery, Neurim, Israel.
2002 “Face of a Female”, The Painters and Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2000 Efrat Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1998 Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1997 The Constant Gallery, Ramat-Gan.
1997 Efrat Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
1996 “At Home” Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel.
1995 Lutshansky Museum, Givat-Brener, Israel.
1995 “Rolling Stones” Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1993 “Stone Works” Arsuf Gallery, Rishpon Israel.
1993 “Photography” Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1991 “Some works” Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1990 Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1990 The Negev Museum,Beer Sheva, Israel.
1990 “Urban Sculpture”, Ra`anana, Israel.
1989 Efrat Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
1989 “Sculpture in the grass”, Givat Brener, Israel.
1988 Herzlia Musuem, Israel.
1987 Sharet Gallery, Givatayim,Israel.
1985 Zvi Noam Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1984 Ramat Gan Museum, Israel.
1978 Leivik House,Tel Aviv, Israel.


2019 The 3 “Spoonbill Cup” Public Art Exhibition. China.
2018 “Zywiol wody”. Stodola Szumilowo Art Gallery. Owner Gregorz Jarzynski. Poland.
2017 “Winners of Ministry of Culture Prize 2015 -2016, MOBY Museum of Bat Yam, Israel.
2017 The 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, National Art Museum, China.
2017 “Sculpture in travertine” Corneliu Baba Gallery,Caransebes, Romania.
2016 “Bienal Internacional de Escultura “ Resistencia, Argentina.
2015 The international exhibition of contemporary sculpture at MIYAZAKI airport, Japan
2015 “Center of point is located in side”,6th Biennale of Contemporary Art,”Fabrika”,Moskow,Russia.
2015 “Earth”, Emek Museum, Yfat, curator: Neta Haber, Israel.
2014 “Essence” exhibition by the Green Gallery-open air gallery for Environmental Art.
2013 Setouchi Triennale, Sakaide, Japan.
2012 “Voice of the People”, Beit Avi Chai, Moran Shoub, Jerusalem,Israel.
2012 “New Works” Green Gallery , Arsuf Kedem, Israel.
2012 “Hidden Cities” International ArtExpo, Koza Art Association, Istanbul, Turkey.
2011 “Sea art festival”,Busan Biennale, Busan, Korea.
2011 “100 years of Tsinghua University”, Beijing, China.
2011 ‘Middle Yeast”, Palazzo Sant Elia, Palermo, Italy.
2011 “Works in stone” Ma’alot Cultural Center. Ma’alot, Israel.
2010 Exhibition of Competition Winners “Nashe Otechestvo”,”Manej” hall, Moscow,Russia.
2010 “Generations Gathering”, Green Gallery, Park Dina ,Israel.
2009 “Feast”, Bar David Museum, Sol Lenzini, Kibbutz Bar’am, Israel.
2009 “Nature & Peace”, Geumgang nature art pre-biennale, Gongju-Si, Korea.
2009 “Between Sky and Earth” ,Green Gallery ,Park Dina, Arsuf, Israel.
2009 “40’s Tova Osman Gallery” Painters & Sculptors Association,Curator: Aryeh Berkovitz,TLV, Israel.
2008 “Mirror Mirror”, An exhibition at Tova Osman Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel.
2007 “Woman’s Purse”, “On the Lake” Gallery, Ra’anana, Israel. Curator: Anat Nitzan.
2008 “Sprouts”, Park Dina, Arsuf, Israel.
2008 “La Piera Musa Agresti”, Cultural Center Domo Dorossa, Italy.
2008 “Stone Festival”, Ma’alot Cultural Center. Ma’alot, Israel.
2008 “Genesis”, Municipal Gallery. Ma’alot, Israel.
2007 “International Sculpture Exhibition”, Gifu Prefetural Meseum, Seki-City Gifu, Japan.
2007 “Stone and Water”, City Gallery, Amneville, France.
2007 “Contemporary sculpture 2007, Miyazaki airport, Korea.
2007 Bienale of Art, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel.
2007 “Materland”, “The Painters” and Sculptors “Association, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2006 “Clay”, Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel.
2006 Exhibition of “City Sculpture Design” Beijing, China.
2005 “Sculpture in the planning” Atkinson Gallery , Millfield, England.
2005 “Small Monuments” Donkersvoort Gallery. Travelling exhibition Holand-Belgium.
2005 “Homage to Palestinian Pottery”, Ein-Harod Museum, Israel.
2004 International Sculpture Exhibition. Kameyama Sculpture Garden, Seki-city Gifu, Japan.
2004 “Guests”, Kronan Art Group Gallery, Sweden.
2004 “The day After”, Constant city Gallery, Ramat-Gan.
2003 “Fabrication”, Ashdod museum, Israel.
2003 “Artist Chooses Artist”, Giv’ataim theater, Israel.
2003 International Sculpture Exhibition, San Cheong, Korea.
2002 Ulsan culture center, Korea.
2002 “Textara”, City Gallery, Raanana, Israel.
2001 International Museum of Contemporary Art, Seul, Korea.
2001 City Gallery Ness Ziona, Israel.
2001 City Gallery Seyl, Korea.
2001 “Plates” Design Gallery, Holon.
2001 “Humor” Muncipal Gallery, Kfar-Saba.
2001 “Athwart Violence” Muncipal Gallery, Holon.
2000 “Artistnetto” Muncipal Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.
2000 “2000 Clay”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv,Israel.
2000 “Contemporary Sculpture 2000 Miyazaki airport, Japan.
2000 “Mediterrenean Women Artist and Creators”, Rhodos, Greece.
1999 “Landscape Forum”, Cambridge, U.S.A.
1999 “Art on paper”, Sculpture Association, Tel Aviv.
1998 “Nature as Homeland”, The president residence, Jerusalem,Israel.
1998 “Cultural Central”, Resistensia, Argentina.
1996 “Transition” Kneset, Jerusalem,Israel.
1996 “The Stone Character in the Tower”, Tel-Aviv.
1995 “International Female Biennal”, Stockholm.
1995 “Little Forest”, Ra’anana.
1995 “Festival Duvdevanim”, Kiryat Anavim.
1995 “Sport and Aliya” Art Center, Rishon LeTsiyon.
1995 “Palm and Foot” Hakikar Gallery, Yaffo.
1994 Art Center Rishon LeTsiyon.
1993 ‘Home enviorment” Many H. gallery, Tel-Aviv.
1993 “Stone Sculpture” ,Ma’alot.
1992 “Israel Contemporary Sculpture”, Seol, Korea.
1992 “Portraits” Arsuf Gallery, Rishpon.
1992 “Interior” Artists Association, Tel Aviv.
1991 “Israel Contemporary Sculpture”, Museum HRA, Japan.
1991 “Laila”, Travelling Exhibition, Bonn.
1991 “Hommage to Neir Wiseltir”,Natanya.
1990 “Container and Material”,Natanya.
1990 “Sculpture in Stone” Hakikar Gallery, Jaffa.
1989 Sculpture Garden,Tzrifin.
1989 Sculpture in the Beit Shemesh Forest.
1989 “Stone Sculpture in Tower”, Tel Aviv.
1989 “Israel Art Week”, Jerusalem,
1988 “Creation” Artists Association, Tel Aviv.
1988 “High Tension” Jaffa.
1988 “40 from Israel” Brooklyn Museum, New-York.Travelling Exhibition U.S.A.and Europe.
1987 “Jaffa Nights”, Jaffa.
1987 “Landscape Structure Group”, Herzlia Museum.
1986 “Juliyafo”,Jaffa.
1985 “Autumn Celebration”,Ra’anana.
1985 “Garden Sculpture”,Ganei Yehuda.
1985 “Statute of Liberty”,Jaffa Port.
1985 “Life” Zvi Noam Gallery,Tel Aviv.
1984 “Transformations”,Tel Aviv University.
1983 “Personal Choice” Radius Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
1982 “Impression”,Jerusalem Artist House.
1982 “Artist Chooses Artist”. Radius, Tel Aviv.
1976-1978-1980-1981 “Artists to Yamit”, Yamit.
1972 “Small Sculpture” Moscow Artists Union.
1971 “Autumn Show”. Moscow Artists Union.
1969 “Young Artists”. Moscow Artists Union.


2019 “Globe”,Business Park complex,Caesarea,Israel.
2019 A Sign on the border of Europe and Asia “УРАЛ” Village Mramorskoe, Ural, Russia.
2018 “Containers ” Tongchuan, China.
2018 “Scrolls of History”. University of Mendoza,Argentina.
2018 “Globe”, Ma’alot-Tarshiha, Israel.
2017 “Gazelle” , Beit Aryeh, Israel.
2017 “Quartet”, Modi’in, Israel.
2017 “New door game”, Caransedes, Romania.
2017 “Harmony of Elements”, Tekirdag, Turkey.
2017 “Connections”, Forest Museum, Kibbutz Forest, Israel.
2016 “Crossing”, Santiago, Chile.
2016 “Balanced forces” Resistencia, Argentina.
2016 “Burning stone” Castelli, Argentina.
2016 “Cover” Kanev. Ukraine.
2016 “Swan Love” Stone Sculpture Symposium, Beit Aryeh, Israel.
2016 “Looking into the water” Paratico, Italy.
2016 “Incarcerated” Ma’alot, Israel.
2016 “Heart of Nepal”. Taltalaiya, Sunsari, Nepal.
2015 “Dreams and Reality”, stone, 245 x 80 x 60 cm, Beit Aryeh, Israel.
2015 “Perpetual Motion”, Hevron stone 200 x 220 x 80 cm. Ma’alot ,Israel.
2014 “Three Muses”, Marble ,190 x 150 x 60 cm, Danilovgrad, Montenegro.
2014 “Idol”, stone, paint 55 x 40 x 20 cm. Danilovgrad, Montenegro.
2013 “Syncope”, Stone ,Rosh Ha’ein, Israel.
2013 “Saucepan”, stone,iron,concrete, Arsuf, Israel.
2014 “Berry”, Beit Aryeh, Israel.
2013 “Children of Nature”, Diabase 215 x 200 x 50 cm, Alania,Turkey.
2013 “Landscape”, Bento Gonçalves, Brasil.
2013 “Shelgiya”, Beit Aryeh, Israel
2013 “Stratum”, soil, vegetation, Setouchi Triennale, Japan.
2012 “Pieces” Park Shikma, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
2012 “Soul of stone”,Cavaion Veronese, Italy.
2012 “Sanctuary”, Children’s Park, Steinwenden, Germany.
2012 “Soul of stone” Cavaion Veronese, Italy.
2012 “Disclosure” Kartal. Turkey.
2012 “Torch”, Beit Aryeh, Israel.
2012 “Soul of India”, Kanu Nayak Art Museum, Mumbai, India.
2012 “Earth and Sky”, Kanu Nayak Art Museum, Mumbai, India.
2011 “Sky” Tsinghua University”, Beijing, China
2011 “Roots” Park Shikma, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel.
2011 “Relation”, Nevei Ilan, Israel.
2011 “Mother Nature”, Moritzburg, Germany.
2011 “Locked Motion”, Italy.
2011 “Structure”, Rehovot, Israel.
2011 “Movement of stone”, Makole. Slovenia.
2011 “Game of doors”, Ma’alei Adumim, Israel.
2010 “Divine Music” Petah-Tikva ,Israel.
2010 “Bilu”, Bilu squere, Natania, Israel.
2010 “Cloth of Peace” , Ma’alot, Israel.
2009 “Rotation”, Modi’in, Israel.
2009 “Hold the Sky”, Hung Kings Park, Phu Tho province, Vietnam.
2009 “Ritual Cut”, Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum, Latvia.
2009 “Four” Cipolletti, Argentina.
2008 “Temple”,Vladikavkaz, North Osetia , Russia.
2008 “Sky and Earth”, Ma’alot, Israel.
2008 “Harvest”, Salihli, Turkey
2008 “Bowl”,fountain, Izmir, Turkey.
2008 “Harvest”, Salihli, Turkey.
2008 “Temple”, Vladikavkaz, Russia.
2007 “Stone”, Yoav Dagon Park, Ramat Hasharon, Israel.
2007 “Book”, Mersin, Turkey.
2007 “Snack”, Petah-Tikva ,Israel.
2007 “Similars”, Natanya, Israel.
2007 “Woodhenge”, Furstenfeld, Austria.
2007 “In water”, Amneville, France.
2007 “Product of Earth”, Petah Tikva, Israel.
2006 “Stone Sculpture Symposium , Ramle, Israel.
2006 “Sack”, Nikaia, Greece.
2006 “Quantum”, Ganei Tikva, Israel.
2006 “Firmament” , Gane Tikva, Israel.
2006 “Tower”, “Marble 2006, Hakfar-Hayarok, Israel.
2006 “Planet Earth”, Balunky, Slovakia.
2005 “Primary Segmantation”. Hualien, Taiwan.
2004 “Black Mother”, Kronan Sculpture Park, Lulea, Sweden.
2004 “Day and Night”, Egirdir, Turkey.
2004 “Move East”, Horicke Sculpture Park, Chek Republic.
2004 “With those Hands”, Admit, Israel.
2004 “Manuscript”, Ganei Tikva, Israel.
2004 “Shield”, Ganei Tikva, Israel.
2004 “Coupola”, Ganei Tikva, Israel.
2003 “Fruit of the Earth”, Ganei Tikva, Israel.
2003 “Throne”, Fuzhow Sculpture Park collection, China.
2003 “Magnetic Fields”, Basalt park. Mayen, Germany.
2003 “Liberty of move”, Park of Desert Hazerim , Israel.
2003 “Red Eye”, Dimona, Israel.
2003 “Two parts of Universe”, School yard, Tirat Karmel, Israel.
2003 “Cup”, Ganei-Tikva, Israel.
2002 “Exodus”, Promenade, Ashdod, Israel.
2002 “The Mountain is Coming to Mohamed”, Children’s Art Center, Vernon, Canada.
2002 “Salute”. City square, Houston, USA.
2001 “Heavy Denotation”, Convetion park, Ichon, Korea.
2001 “culpture park, Tel-Chai, Israel.
2001 “Three Phases”, City of Brusque, Brazil.
2001 “Reminiscense”, Sagadi, Estonia.
2001 “Four Mothers”, City square, Holon, Israel.
2000 “Wave in Circle”, Industry area , Rehovot, Israel.
2000 “Dome”, O-Grove, Spain.
2000 “The Tension Field”, South entrance to the city, Natanya, Israel.
2000 “Promenade”, Iguerande village, France.
2000 “sculptures for the San Cheong Sculpture Park, Korea.
1999 “Mamma”, Public park, Buenos Aires, Brazil.
1999 “Stone Mother”, Nichiharima National Park, Japan.
1999 “El-Al”, Rehovot, Israel.
1999 “Black Sign”, Outdoor private collection, Comblain-ou-Pont, Belgium.
1999 “Made by GOD”, “Vents des Forets” sculpture park, France.
1999 “Mater 20,000?, Nanto city, Italy.
1998 “Quantum”, Ganei Tikva, Israel.
1998 “Desk”, Shoham city, Israel.
1998 “Madre Nostra”, Anatalya, Turkey.
1998 “Madre Nostra”, Resistensa, Argentina.
1998 “Happy Birthday”, Muritz National Park, Germany.
1997 “Mater Nostra”, Simposium plaza, Fanano, Italy.
1997 “Pot”, Main plaza, Obernkirchen, Germany.
1997 “Five”, Ashkelon, Israel.
1996 Memorial, high school, Tel Aviv.
1996 “Screen”, Landscape sculpture. Hazor Haglilit, Israel.
1995 “Super Woman”, City sculpture, Hualien, Taiwan.
1989 “Bud”, Soil, grass. 180 x 600 x 400 cm. Givat-Brener, Israel.
1995 “Big Mother”, Europapark collection, Klagenfurt, Austria.
1994 “Sign”, Stone work for a sculpture park. Ashdod, Israel.
1994 “Bowl”, Moshe Dayan Avenue, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel.
1992 “Simple Relations”, Tefen Open Museum collection, Israel.
1992 Landscape sculpture, Ben Shemen forest, Israel.
1991 “Direction”, BEMIS foundation collection, Omaha, USA.
1989 KKL’s Sculpture Road, Israel.
1989 “Building”, Landscape sculpture, Basalt park, Katzrin, Israel.
1989 “Illness of Civilization”, Sculpture garden in an army post, Tzrifin, Israel.
1972 Relief on the facade of a Marine factory, Nikolayev. USSR.
1971 “Colt”, Children’s park. Kolomna, USSR.
1970 “Lion”, Decorative sculpture, public garden, Moscow. USSR.


2014 Curator of the exhibition ” Essence ” by the Green Gallery – open air gallery for environmental Art at Park Dina, Arsuf,Israel.

2012 Curator of the exhibition “New works” by the Green Gallery – open air gallery for environmental Art at Park Dina, Arsuf.

2010 Curator of the exhibition “Generations Gathering” by the Green Gallery – open air gallery for environmental Art at Park Dina,

2009 Curator of the exhibition “Between Sky and Earth” by the Green Gallery Group- Open Air Gallery for environmental art at Park Dina,

2007-2008. Curator of the exhibition “Sprouts” of the Green Gallery Group- Open Air Gallery for environmental art at Park Dina, Arsuf.

2006 Curator of the exhibition “Between Past and Present” by Bat-Ami Helerman, at The Artists House in Jerusalem, Israel.

2002 Solo exhibition of Bat-Ami Helerman.”Clothing”. “Efrat” Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2000 “The Artist at it’s home “Stone Works”. “Studio 7” artists, Israel.

1997 “Amalia Arbel” Gallery, “Studio 7” artists, Israel.

1995 “Coexistence” “Horst Richter” Gallery. Jaffa, Israel.

1995 “Acquaintance” “Studio” exhibition. “Horst Richter” Gallery. Jaffa, Israel.

Text for the Exhibition “Between Sky and Earth”.

A year after the first exhibition, the GGG group presents a new exhibition titled “Between Sky and Earth”.
The name is common and trivial, but expresses a truth about the exhibition: its location in the open fields of Arsuf Kedem,
and the artists position in the world of Israeli art.Among the dozens of creations spread in the field, one can find “The New Broom” by Daniel Manheim,
sweeping the sky and expressing the wish for spiritual correction, “The Seeds” by Ada Moran Reiss forming “spheres” in galactic space,
and the red Bush titled “The Burning Bush” by Gila Croker, representing the famous biblical bush.

One can also see the soil piles created by Ella Beit Halahmi, which are the remains of the whale that had swallowed Jonas,
recently discovered on a Mediterranean beach, and the large upward pointing udders the Answer to the gift of life granted to us by the supreme creator.
When an artist creates, he or she expresses their viewpoint, and defines a position within the social and cultural space as well as a location between sky and earth,
between the physical and metaphysical. These two terms sky and earth form a dichotomy, but also express two opposing concepts that lead to harmony,
and form our own position here on earth. The greater the distance between the two poles, the stronger their unifying force.
Traditional is the opposite pole for revolutionary, and both can coexist in one artistic creation.
The more personal the statement, the more it touches all of us. In art, the national can also be international.
A personality defining itself as “I exists” simultaneously in all of humanity. The Green Gallery Group declares,
together with the Austrian poet Kostach Hatgorov:

“The world is my temple,
love is my holiness,
the universe is my native land”

The plastic language of the group’s guest artist from New York,
Avital Oz, identified with the minimalism and rationalism characteristic of the eighties,
is different from that of the GGG creations, which can be called “Site Specific”. But his work can easily integrate
harmonicly between the sky and earth at the Dina Park in Arsuf Kedem.

Tanya Preminger, curator.
2007-2008 Curator of the exhibition “Sprouts” by the Green Gallery Group –
open air gallery for environmental Art at Park Dina, Arsuf.
Text for the Exhibition “Sprouts”.

“A person is but a pattern of their homeland”, said Shaul Tshernihovsky.
And this can be said about art as well. It consists of impressions left by time and place, impressions of land, scenery and people.
The character of the land on which we grow, its nature and scenery, are all absorbed into our consciousness,
processed, and then find outlet in our artistic creation.

War and conquests do not make up a people. Culture and art do.
They bestow people with spiritual values, and create common understandings, bring about the discerning of right from wrong.
They are the ones that strengthen man’s connection to their homeland and define to him the laws of the universe.

“In the fields of Arsuf we grow art.”

The artists of the Green Gallery Group are united by the aspiration to strengthen the connection of the people to nature and the land,
both physically and spiritually. Our creations are presented on the ground, in the open. They are made of natural materials, but moreover,
they speak of concepts taken right out of nature.
Of the identical laws governing nature and man, of the circle of life common to both. Out of the earth spring out the sprouts.
They grow, flourish, breed, wither and die. Seasons come and go, reflecting our own time cycles.

The work “Too Bad” by Danny Mannheim is not a flowerpot tipping over, but a story of life and death.
The statue “Earth and Heaven” by Ada Moran-Rice surprises us with a piece of sky at a time when we face the earth.
“Laundry” by Eli Ben Aviv is a humoristic creation, where tree branches – earth’s garments, hanged like laundry.
Gilla Crocker, in her work “Static System”, reminds us of the similarity between molecules and the solar system.
Ella Beit Halahmy created a “Limpha” , an imaginary monster where pipes formerly feeding the fields now flow life into the creature’s body.

More and more people live in an urban, virtual world, and getting closer to the basic sensations of touching the earth,
smelling it, sensing its texture, has become a rare commodity. The connection to earth is a basic, primary need,
without which the delicate balance of man is violated.
Just like a plant needs to spread its roots inside the earth, so does man.

We do hope our work shall bring people closer to nature, providing them with spiritual Oxygen.

Tanya Preminger, curator.
2006 Curator of an exhibition by “Bat-Ami Helerman,
“Between Past and Present” at “The artists House” in Jerusalem.
Text for the exhibition: “Reality Show”.

The recent works by Bat-Ami Helerman are not easy to define. Although she uses ready made objects,
such as many of her predecessors: Marcel Duchamps, Max Ernst or Israeli Philip Renzer , but one cannot refer to Bat-Ami’s works as “Ready Made” or “Installations”.

Despite Bat-Ami’s use of ready made elements, the main component of her works are items made of stone,
that are amazingly life like. Stone has been a traditional sculpting material for generations, but is not perceived as contemporary
and does not appear in modern art together with ready made objects, especially not in the service of realistic images, as used by Bat-Ami.

Bat Ami knows there is “No parallel between the element of surprise in art and in life” (1) and therefore
makes use of two types of objects: real objects, and stone-made “life like”, “as if” objects that contradict the real objects.
This is the contrasting effect required for artistic surprise. The comparison between the stone-made objects and the ready made
objects in a realistic surrounding creates the “Necessary distance from reality to create the artistic value” (2).

If we agree with formalists that “Art is a method” (3),
then Bat-Ami’s method is to cause the stone in her works to be perceived as a concept and not as a material.
The values of eternity, strength, closeness to earth, artistry and other characteristics related to stone,
pass from the stone into the object it is expressing.
The work titled “Macho” shows a granite accouterment laden with masculine gadgets.
The granite graces the accouterment with eternity awarding it a universal symbol of disarmament.
Another work titled “The Little Black Dress” shows a granite dress just disrobed, expressing life while the box onto which it is strewn is perceived as a coffin.
The work titled “Wedding” shows bridal items carved in marble, which conveys the purity of the ancient tradition.
“Brands” is a stone coat covered with brand names, cold and valueless compared to genuine warm, live fur.

The contradictory effect between real and conceptual objects, between life and art,
between truth and non truth, is what Bat-Ami is dealing with in her works.
The subject of “In Between” (4) has been the occupation of many, ranging from sculptor Anish Kapur through to poet Arkady Duchin
(“Between counterfeit and truth, between whatever lives and is dead”) and others of the artists and scientists community.

“Art is the means of uniting two principles , the pleasure principle and the reality principle” (5).
Don’t be misled by the “Reality Show” of objects apparently placed at random by Bat-Ami.
Stone brings with it depth, time, place and layers of meaning that are as long as is the history of mankind and art.

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Tanya Preminger, curator.

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